Bhagavad Gita & Practice
The class will begin a study of the classical text Bhagavad Gita, taking one chapter at a time, spanning fall and spring semesters.  Anyone interested in learning the central themes of Yoga as presented in this ancient text is welcome to join.   Class includes one hour of presentation and discussion, and one hour of practice.  Review of the chanting of Yoga Sutra-s will also be a part.
Body, Breath & Mind
Create increased ease, stability and equanimity through the mindful integration of your physical body with breath movement In this class, we will explore how to harness the power of the breath as a bridge between your mind and body, while respecting your individual needs and capacities. Creative use of basic breath-led yoga postures will be sequenced to encourage increased awareness, strength and flexibility of your body, while contributing to your overall well-being and reducing effects of the stress response.  This class is perfect for beginners!  

Core Stability
Discover how you can move with more ease and power
by learning how the deepest muscles of your abdomen and back can coordinate with the powerful muscles of your legs and hips…and even your breathing diaphragm. Generate power from within yourself. Carry yourself with greater poise. Feel a renewed, relaxed alertness. 

Common benefits of this course:

  • Reduce back & hip pain
  • Reduce neck & shoulder tension
  • Generate more power and ease in your daily activities (shoveling, vacuuming, lifting things, etc.!)
  • Improved balance
  • Improve bladder control
  • Recover from—or prepare for—abdominal surgery, prostate surgery and child birth
  • Improve your performance in exercise and athletics
  • Breathe more fully with ease
Foundations of Yoga I (starting Sept 15, 2014)
In this beginning series, a stable foundation will be laid upon which to explore yoga in a safe and effective way for each individual.  Basic asanas will be introduced with adaptations offered to suit individual needs/limitations.  In addition, breath awareness and the concept of integrating the movement with the breath will be a central focus.This class experience will also be enriched with an introduction to a few of the basic philosophical concepts underlying the practice of yoga....offering the beginnings of a firm foundation upon which you can build over time.

Foundations of Yoga II(starting Nov 10, 2014)
This series will build upon Foundations of Yoga I, further exploring the relationship between breath & movement and introducing basic pranayama (breath regulation) techniques.  Additional concepts of yoga will be woven into the practice to deepen your understanding of yoga and how to apply your practice in everyday life.  Cost: $48
Special Offering!  For those who attend both Foundations series, a discounted 1 hour private session of only $40 will be offered, as a way to encourage students to develop an ongoing home practice.

Going Deeper Into Yoga
For continuing students this class will refine the Yoga postures and include breathing practices and the use of sound, to experience Yoga at a deeper level.

Introduction to Vedic Chant
Come experience the transformative potential of sound, through the art & discipline of Vedic chant. Increased focus & memory, healing vibrations for the body & emotions, enhanced breath capacity and connection to something higher than ourselves can all be experienced through the practice of this ancient tradition.

• Find your voice (no singing/chanting experience necessary).
• Learn how to form the basic sounds (i.e. Sanskrit pronunciation) used in Vedic chant
• Reconnect to the discipline of listening closely.
• Experience the sound vibrations created by yourself and others.
• Learn simple mantras/chants (written materials given to practice at home).
• Challenge yourself with something new!

Mantra, Movement & Meditation
The use of mantra with breath centered movement can create a rich and transformative effect within a yoga practice.  Mantra is simply the repetition (chanted out loud or silently) of a meaningful word or phrase to create a desired connection or effect.  When employed with mindful movement, the experience can encompass all dimensions of our being...linking mind, body, breath and spirit.  When used to support meditation, mantra helps the mind to stay focused and calm.  We will explore the use of simple mantra in relationship to movement & meditation...providing you with the opportunity to move more deeply into your yoga experience.
Moving Into Meditation
As meditation serves to quiet the mind, Yoga postures prepare the body for sitting, improve breathing patterns, and cultivate internal awareness. Going from the external to the internal, this class will invite each person to experience the stillness within.
Retreats for Reflection & Restoration
Allow yourself to be immersed in the rich and restorative experience of a Sunday afternoon mini-retreat. The threads and tools of yoga will be woven together to support and open your heart and mind...providing you with stillness and space to connect to the intention of each session. No yoga experience is necessary.
Strength and Balance
Create fluid strength, resiliency and increased balance within the body and mind through the use of flowing yoga sequences combined with supportive breath techniques.  As an added dimension, the use of light hand weights (2-3 lbs.) will be used in combination with postures to improve stamina, endurance and bone health. In addition, accessing the inner core muscles through active engagement of the breath with movement will encourage core strength and postural awareness.
The Starting Point
If you’re curious as to how Yoga can benefit you, but are unsure as to where and how to start, or are intimidated by large classes, this 4 class series may be the perfect place for you to begin. With an emphasis placed on providing an accepting and step-by-step approach to yoga, The Starting Point will introduce basic yoga postures and teach you how to employ the breath to achieve improved physical awareness and balance. Dynamic breath-centric movement is employed to bring attention to the body/breath connection and to increase mental focus.
Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali
The meaning and practical application of yoga philosophy will be presented and discussed, as well as the chanting of the sutra-s in Sanskrit. The first class on September 29 will begin with the first chapter and progress throughout this year and the next until reaching the conclusion with the fourth chapter. This class is for everyone with a serious interest in the classical philosphy of yoga. Discussion will be followed by a yoga practice at the intermediate level. Please contact Carolyn with any questions.


Awareness Through Movement® & The Feldenkrais Method®
In Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons, the teacher verbally guides you through a sequence of movements aimed at uncovering your natural ability to move with ease and grace. Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can benefit because the emphasis is on learning about your self from yourself. Whether you are looking to ease pain and stiffness, improve your athletic abilities, or simply find grace in walking, the heart of the Feldenkrais Method® is about discovering more possibility in your life.

Evidence Based Taiji & Qigong  (EBT)   This Taiji (Tai Chi) program combines the best of both Eastern philosophy and Western scientific research.  It was created by Master Yang Yang, Ph.D. who is recognized throughout the world as one of the top living Taiji master instructors.  It is a program for all ages and skill levels.  Lisa Walker received her instruction and certification directly from Master Yang, learning the 150 posture form.  Lisa also lived in Japan and is a black belt in Shoriji Kempo, a Japanese martial art.  Full description [PDF]

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
The 8 week MBSR course is 27 hours long, which includes one full day retreat. 
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a clinically proven program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and others at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.  It involves meditation, body scanning, brief presentations and discussion, and stress reduction practices.  It is an intensive program that invites participants to discover their inner capacity to observe the mind, to reduce pain and suffering, and to find ease in day-to-day living. The MBSR program has been used to address chronic pain and illness, emotional distress, depression and anxiety.  A wealth of research supports its effectiveness.

Private Sessions with Kristina Ahern
Scheduled by appointment, private sessions provide you with an opportunity to be involved and empowered within your own transformation and/or healing process using a personalized set of Yoga practices. With individualized, knowledgable and compassionate guidance, a home practice is developed that takes into account your present health circumstances, capabilities, personal schedule and goals. From a therapeutic perspective, Yoga therapy differs from many other forms of therapy, in that it is, by nature, holistic, and recognizes the interconnection between the body, breath, emotions, mind and spirit. Therefore, the approach of Yoga therapy/private sessions is multi-dimensional, utilizing a variety of tools (movement, breathwork, sound, visualization, meditation, & lifestyle adaptations) with an emphasis on active involvement by the client over a period of time. Cost: $65 for 1 hour session, $180 for package of 3 sessions.

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