Feldenkrais & Taiji (Tai Chi) Course Schedule

Day Time Class Name Teacher
TBA TBA Feldenkrais /Awareness through Movement ®
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Lisa Walker

Please register these classes by contacting:
Lisa Walker – (Feldenkrais)
Phone: 507-202-5342
Email: feldenkraismn@hotmail.com


Awareness Through Movement & The Feldenkrais Method

In Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, the teacher verbally guides you through a sequence of movements aimed at uncovering your natural ability to move with ease and grace. Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can benefit because the emphasis is on learning about your self from yourself. Whether you are looking to ease pain and stiffness, improve your athletic abilities, or simply find grace in walking, the heart of the Feldenkrais Method is about discovering more possibility in your life.

Core Stability

Discover how you can move with more ease and power by learning how the deepest muscles of your abdomen and back can coordinate with the powerful muscles of your legs and hips…and even your breathing diaphragm. Generate power from within yourself. Carry yourself with greater poise. Feel a renewed, relaxed alertness.

Common benefits of this course:

  • Reduce back & hip pain
  • Reduce neck & shoulder tension
  • Generate more power and ease in your daily activities (shoveling, vacuuming, lifting things, etc.!)
  • Improved balance
  • Improve bladder control
  • Recover from-or prepare for-abdominal surgery, prostate surgery, and childbirth
  • Improve your performance in exercise and athletics
  • Breathe more fully with ease

Taiji (Tai Chi)

Taiji (Tai Chi) is going to be fun this year! I’ve planned a full series of Taiji-only (all class times) during the summertime. In Red Wing, we can practice on the Bluewater Yogo studio roof deck or down along the riverfront. Weather permitting, we will do Taiji outside!

This Taiji (Tai Chi) program combines the best of both Eastern philosophy and Western scientific research. It was created by Master Yang Yang, Ph.D. who is recognized throughout the world as one of the top living Taiji master instructors. It is a program for all ages and skill levels. Lisa Walker received her instruction and certification directly from Master Yang, learning the 150 posture form. Lisa also lived in Japan and is a black belt in Shoriji Kempo, a Japanese martial art.

Free For All

Sorry, this doesn’t mean the series is free. It means it is “all request”. Please keep this in mind throughout the year. Perhaps there is a lesson you’d like to repeat. Perhaps you’d like me to find a lesson that addresses a certain question you have. You can even request something like “a totally relaxing lesson”! Or “a lesson all in our imagination”.


• Please note this class schedule does not include any special weekend workshops or retreats. I will announce those via email, as the year progresses. Right now, I’m beginning to plan a really fun new weekend retreat “Running and Meditation: train your mind, train your body.” I hope to do this at the beautiful Villa Maria in Frontenac, MN. If you are interested, please wait to ask me questions! I just was inspired for this last night on my walk in the woods with Casey, my amazing and inspirational dog! Casey told me this class would also be helpful for two-leggeds who just like to walk, rather than run.

• Private workshops are available upon request. It could be two people or five people, however many you like! If you have a group of people interested in learning a topic or addressing a similar issue, this is a great option. We work out the price on a case by case basis, depending on the number of people and time requested. If you have a friend or family member who can benefit from Feldenkrais, this is a very good way to introduce them. It’s also a really fun way to teach children…brothers and sisters or friends together. Please feel free to call or email if you would like to schedule a private workshop.

• Class series will not be offered on a drop-in basis because I have found the learning goes much deeper for all students when there is continuity and commitment. If you have to miss a class, please feel free to make it up at one of the other class times and locations. Please let me know in advance, if possible. It is usually OK to miss one or two classes in a series, especially for more experienced students.

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