Lisa Walker

Education and Training:

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner— Extensive 4-year training, accredited by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. Lisa received her certification in 2001 and continues to meet continuing education certification requirements.

Certified Taiji (Tai Chi) Instructor–Certification earned from the world-renowned and respected Master Yang Yang. Please click here for Master Yang’s website.

Embodied Life Teacher–This work, created by Russell Delman, incorporates meditation, Feldenkrais and Focusing to help people look more deeply at their internal states. (Lisa is actually in the video on Russell’s website homepage!) Lisa graduated in 2013 from this 3-year training.

Trained in Setai–Japanese healing system (all training completed in Japan).

Black Belt in Shorinji Kempo–Japanese martial art (all training completed in Japan).

B.A. in Biology–College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN.

Lisa’s Approach:

Lisa incorporates all she has studied to best serve her clients–in both private sessions and workshops. She has a full-time Feldenkrais practice with offices in Welch and Rochester, MN. Lisa also has extensive experience leading group workshops and lectures, including at the Mayo Clinic, as well as locations on the west coast of the U.S. and in Canada. For specific information on how Feldenkrais can help you, please see the Feldenkrais page on this website.

Tai Chi can also be very helpful for people with balance and core strength issues. Lisa commonly combines the awareness cultivated in Feldenkrais with Tai Chi lessons for people who have Parkinson’s.

Lisa specializes in helping people become aware of their movement habits and find better, healthier ways of moving. This may mean simply learning to walk, sit or stand, but she also works with high-level athletes to improve performance and reduce injury. Feldenkrais can be an especially powerful addition to your yoga practice, as you grow your awareness and learn to tune in to the deeper, more subtle layers in new ways. To watch a short video of Lisa’s work with runners, please click here. For everyone, improved movement means more comfort–and less pain.

Lisa is especially passionate about her work with children with cerebral palsy and similar neurological disorders. Simple activities like rolling over or crawling can become, not only possible for these children, but enjoyable! Above all, they gain confidence and begin to believe in themselves! To watch a short video of Lisa’s work with children, please click here. You can also watch a video of Lisa’s mentor–Sheryl Field, explaining her work with children, filmed at Lisa’s home studio.

On a personal note, Lisa is an avid fly-fisherwoman, married to an amazing man, and loves her animal companions–the beautiful Miss Casey (the dog, named after Casey Jones) and Barry (the cat, named after both Barry Manilow and Barry White).

Service and Professional Affiliations:

Served on National Board of Directors for FEFNA (Feldenkrais Educational Foundation of North America)
Past President of Girls on the Run of Bluff Country Board of Directors

For questions, appointments & classes with Lisa,
please call or email Lisa directly.
Phone: 507-202-5342

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