What is a Private Yoga Session?

Private yoga sessions are offered as either a complement to group classes, or as a way to practice yoga in a way that is tailored specifically for you — with the added convenience of setting your own practice time and place. The one-on-one instruction is based entirely upon one’s individual choices, capabilities, personal goals, and natural potential.

So many techniques are available in Yoga, and the client may choose from any combination of the following: physical postures called asana-s which build strength and flexibility of the body; breath work to inform and refine correct breathing technique for overall well-being; meditative practices; visualization; and the use of sound with a mantra. The Teacher will design a personal practice for the client to do at home. With followup sessions from time to time, the practice can be revised to facilitate a gradual progression in Yoga awareness and experience leading to optimal benefits from this home practice.

Private Yoga sessions can take place at Bluewater Yoga Studio, or at another location of the client’s choice. A session lasts approximately an hour. The fee is $60.

What is a Private Vedic Chant Session?

Private Vedic Chant sessions can be scheduled privately for individuals or small groups. This allows for a flexible schedule, for individual attention, and for choice in the matter of content of what will be learned. The sessions will progress according to the desires of the client.

Private Vedic Chant sessions can take place at Bluewater Yoga Studio, or on Zoom. The sessions last 50 minutes. The cost is $30.

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