What is a Private Yoga Session?

Private yoga sessions are offered as either a complement to group classes and/or as a way to practice yoga in a way that is tailored specifically for you….with the added convenience of setting your own practice time and place. Individual instruction in yoga can also help to support the healing process or manage/reduce symptoms associated with specific injuries, illnesses or conditions. A variety of yoga techniques may be utilized and experienced within private sessions…including physical postures, breath work, meditation, visualization, study of yogic concepts/philosophy and sound. The one-on-one instruction in a private session is based entirely upon your individual needs, capabilities, personal goals, and natural potential, while taking into account the entire human system…including the body, breath, mind, behavior and emotions. In addition, a home practice can be intrinsically empowering and transformative through your active participation in promoting your own health and well-being.

Private Session Structure

During the initial session, which generally lasts 90-120 minutes, we take the time to get to know you, listen to your reasons for coming and closely observe your body and breath. You are then carefully guided through a personalized practice with a combination of verbal direction, demonstration, imagery and gentle assistance where needed. This practice is then given to you in written format as a visual aid for you to follow at home. Subsequent follow-up sessions are generally 60-90 minutes and, for most new students, it is recommended to attend at least 3-4 sessions to ensure clarity and comfort with the practice. As you evolve and progress with your practice over time, incremental refinements can be made to keep you moving gradually forward within a safe and stable framework. In addition, ongoing support is readily available if you have questions or concerns about your practice. Over time, and with consistent attention, a home practice increases self-awareness, offers an opportunity for empowerment through self-care and allows you to expand and deepen your understanding of yoga in relationship to yourself.

For private session appointments with Carolyn Hedin
90 minute: $90, 60 minutes: $60
Package of three 60 minute sessions: $160

Phone: 651-388-6103

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